One Bad Botfly

In November of the year 2000, Brenda and Mark Johnstone visited the beautiful country of Costa Rica. While camping at Los Lagos, they ventured up the mountain in the shadow of the very active Volcano Arenal. While viewing the spectacular volcanic eruptions at night, Mark was bitten by a mosquito. Herein lies Mark’s story of the events following that seemingly common mosquito bite…



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You will find our own personal report of our encounter with the human botfly (Dermatobia hominis)  under the My Botfly page. You will read stories from other unlucky and unsuspecting travelers whom had their own encounters in the Botfly Stories section. We ask that when you read their stories, you take into account that most were in severe duress when they emailed Brenda searching for help. We did not edit their words, so please forgive the spelling, grammatical, and language translation barriers that exist. Instead, breathe deep, clear your mind, and read their stories as though you are in the room or jungle with them.

Are you ready. Let’s check these botflys out.

Perhaps then, you will understand why this story has been featured on “Animal Planet – Monsters inside Me” as well as “Art and Entertainment – Urban Legends”  TV shows.

Botfly larva removed from Robert.
Botfly larva removed from Robert. Robert’s story is included the Story section


Botfly larva removed from Kelon Crocker.
Botfly larva removed from Kelon Crocker. Kelon’s recount of this Botfly in his knee is included in our Story section.


Botfly larva removed from Eliot.
Botfly larva removed from Eliot. Eliot tells his tale in our Story section.